Team Pro4u 11th at NSS Archipelago Sailing

Yesterday we competed in the NSS Archipelago Regatta (former Hyundai Cup) and there were 105 registered boats, of which 101 finished. The competition is an SRS competition with a hunting start and we started as the 63rd boat.

Overall, we sailed relatively well and came 11th of the more than 100 boats. It was not entirely our conditions regarding wind and track legs to be able to get a top spot and had we sailed "perfect" regarding sail choices, choices and maneuvers, we might have been able to have been a few places better but still not had to do with the absolute lead. Wind-wise, there were declining winds during the day and light winds, at takeoff it blew about 12 knots and then decrease continuously during the race.

The results list doesn't look to have come online yet but picture below on the 20+ first boats.

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Won the race Rolf Erixon scored with Piano (for the second year in a row), two came Mithril with Richard Isby and third came Farr 30 Cheyenne with Anders Helmrich. We congratulate all three medalists! Thanks also to the organizers of the competition.

Complete results list is available here now: