Good results today – still in the lead of the Worlds!

The Offshore Worlds continued today with two more inshore races. We managed to sail really well especially in todays second race that we managed to win after a race without any mistakes and really good sailing from the entire team both from a speed, maneuver and tactics point of view. In the first race today the start was not our best but we still managed get a good result with a 7.5 place (shared) after good sailing.

The sailing today once again had good weather and a bit lighter winds compared to yesterday and we had around 10-12 knots of wind.

Overall, we have now sailed 6 races out of the planned 9 races and our series are: 6, 1(2), 13, 3, 7.5 and 1 giving a total of 32.5 points (second long offshore race was counted with double score). We are now 22 points ahead of the second boat. After 7 races there will be a possibility to discard one of the races, except the long offshore race that we won).

Tomorrow there are two new inshore races planned and we hope to continue the good sailing we have done so far and get two more good race results. Then the Worlds is planned to be completed on Friday with likely one final inshore race.

The results can be seen here: Results after today