Inshore races today at EC in Norway

Today European Championship in offshore sailing continued in Norway. Great conditions with average wind and nice weather. We did three inshore races today and we came places 4, 1 and 6 in the three races. In the first day we did not make a good start and had to fight to sail in free wind and suffered from that and then we came fourth. In second race today we did a good start and generally sailed very good and managed to win our second race in the regatta. In todays last race we did not sail so well and did not find the correct way and finished in 6th place.

Overall, we now have the series 1, 4, 1, 6 with a total score of 12. We are in third place overall and Estonian Katarina 2 is in the lead with Matilda 4 in second place.

Results are here.

We are of course pleased with being the only boat so far with two race wins but we are not so happy with todays 4 and 6 race scores. Tomorrow we will try to consistently produce better results.

The plan is that there will be two inshore races.

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