Yes, then we have finished the Pre-World Championship = Baltic Offshore Week!

Today we made great progress from yesterday and it feels like these two race days have been very valuable to us at Team Arken Zoo.

Today there were very smooth conditions with 12 knots wind. We started the first race cannon at the healer (it was strong läfördel) , but after 2 minutes it became general restart . Then we reloaded and drove hard in the second start and it was also a good start – it was really crowded – but we got away well again. We had the fast Dutchman right in the promise, Lasse scoops home the big sail max and then the big shoe goes off – curtain! However, Jonas and Lasse scooped by pulling the boom and Patrik knotd about a new scot (two-cut!!!) quickly. We still managed to keep the Dutchman and then sail away from them. It was nice to feel that we were fastest on the cruisers and made good starts.

Sailing 2: Again a great start that became a general reboot and then we took the second start also off just the speed – fun to get away well. We continued and sailed conservatively and also finished third in this race – we had changed spinnakers and thought it was faster.

Sailing three for the day was a short sea choir in two hours. We took the start and went very well on the crosses – sailed away from the fast Dutch quite a lot – which was nice for the World Cup. After the crosses came a tight half wind where we put spinnaker. We had some trouble with a number of boats around and that shoulder didn't go so well. In the finish we were 4th, but at the estimated time only 8th – which we are not happy with.

Overall, we were 4th at Baltic Offshore Week – we are at the top and our form curve has clearly pointed upwards. Now it will be rest for two days and then the World Championships start on Monday – we come loaded to the teeth!Image

Here most competitors are behind us – a lovely sight!Image

Here's the crew's fighting face on the rail!