Not good races today... but we are still in a small lead

Today we sailed two inshore races in the Worlds and this was the next to last day of the championship. Unfortunately, our results were not good today and we had a place 17 and 24 in the two races.

In the first race we did not find the right way on the course and sailed in the wrong place considering wind and shifts. In the second race of the day we again did a good start and a very good first upwind and was among the top of the fleet but unfortunately we did a big mistake at the upwind rounding in the light winds with a large current against us and we lost a lot of time and finished in 24 place.

Overall, we are still in a very small lead of the Worlds but there are small margins and tomorrow in the last inshore race we still have a chance to take the gold if we sail really well but we have at least secured a place in the podium in the Open class and we have secured the Gold in the Corinthian class! Our points are 49.5 points after one discard with the series: 6, 2, 13, 3, 7.5, 1, 17, (24). In second place in the French J-112 J Lance 12 with 57.5 points but unfortunately they have a better race currently discarded so even if we are in the lead now they do have an edge against us considering that.

Tomorrow there is one race planned and for us the place on the podium in the Open class will be decided depending on how well we sail!

The results after 8 races in the Open division are here: Open division Class C results

The results after 8 races in the Corinthian division can also be seen above selecting Corinthian division.