Racing at the weekend!

This weekend we start racing with Malin and Team Pro4u will participate in Lidingö Runt on Saturday and then Viggan Open on Sunday. As always, it will be fun to get started for real and these are important training races for us.

During the pre-season we have trained a lot and as usual made some improvements and trained new people in the team. We have also had very good help from Joca Signorini as a coach on some sessions. We have both run some on the Baggen and also been out in Sandhamn and run some sea sessions. We will have two good additions this season and Linnea Floser will join in a trim role and then Roger Nilson will return as a strategist / navigator during at least Gotland Runt and the World Cup - welcome to both!

This year's big goal for us is, as usual, the international ORC championship and in August the World Cup in Kiel and there are already more than 70 boats registered for our class C and well over 100 boats in total. In addition to that, we also run Sandhamn Open, we go to Helsinki for Baltic Offshore Week and Gotland Runt.