Team Pro4u – Corinthian gold and Open bronze in the ORC World Championship!

Today the ORC World Championship was finalized in Tallinn, Estonia and the competition was completed with two inshore races today. Conditions today was more windy than we had expected and hoped for with around 18 to 22 knots during the two races.

Team Pro4u. Upper row from the left: Zacharias Krafft, Thomas Tennström, Emil Forsgren, Anders Björk, Roger Nilson, Patrik Forsgren and Sven Eriksson. Lower row from the left: Hugo Christensson and Peter Thorwid.

Going into today we of course wanted to win the gold in the Open division and it was very close between the three top boats but unfortunately we did not make that.

Our sailing today was good but maybe not as good as the in other days and we did not get perfect starts and then it is difficult to get away when there are many larger boats taking the wind. We also felt it was hard to compete with the larger boats and keeping the speed we needed in the higher wind we had today. It was also a bit unfortunate that when we did really good starts in two tries then it was general recall and we also had one race that was abandoned when we had a good position.

In the first race today we came on sixth place and then in the second race we came third. Overall our series during this World Championship during the 8 races are: 2, 1, (6), 2, 1, 1, 6 and 3 with an overall score of 16 after one discard. We congratulate the winners Estonian J112-E Matilda 4 on 13 points and in second place, also on 13 points, Estonian Italia 11.98 Sugar 3. The margin between these top three boats was only 3 points and the fourth boat was on 29 points so a big jump down.

However, we did win the Corinthian (amateur) division for the ninth European and World Championship in a row. We also congratulate the other podium boats in the Corinthian division on second place Estonian Salona 38 Credit 24 with 50 points and on third place Estonian X-35 My Car also on 50 points. All results here.

Our goal before the World Championship was to win the Corinthian division (and keep our series of wins) and get on the podium in the Open division and we managed to meet both of those goals and we are proud and happy about that! Of course now when we had the chance to win also the Open division the last day and we were so close we wanted that also but unfortunately this time we did not manage that. We just have to try yet again!

The team that has sailed in this Worlds front to back in Team Pro4u are:

  • Emil Forsgren, bow
  • Hugo Christensson, mast
  • Zacharias Krafft, keyboard
  • Anders Björk, spinnaker trim
  • Thomas Tennström, jib trim
  • Peter Thorwid, tactician
  • Roger Nilson, strategy
  • Patrik Forsgren, skipper
  • Sven Eriksson, main trim

We also want to thank the organizers of this World Championship in Tallinn and the competition has been great and the hospitality and the arrangements has been excellent! We also want to thank all partners that support us in our sailing and especially our main partner Pro4u.

See more about the World Championship here:

Photos: ORC Worlds 2021 Mauro Melandri, Felix Diemer and Janis Spurdzins.