Team Pro4u third in Baltic Offshore Week today

Today the Baltic Offshore Week and Estonian and Finnish Offshore Sailing Championship in Helsinki ended with three inshore races in very windy conditions with +20 knots of wind and sunshine. We finished overall in third place in Class B. Overall, during the 5 races during BOW we have had the series 2, 1.4, 3, (4) and 4 with a total of 10.4 after one race was discarded (and offshore race had weight 1.4). We congratulate Katarina 2 to first place and Sugar to second place, both from Estonia!

Results from this years BOW are here: Results

Due to lack of wind first day this years regatta was reduced to two days. On Saturday with light winds we sailed one inshore race where we came second and then we had a longer offshore race for approximately 6 hours where we won. Yesterday we were very pleased overall with our sailing. Today Sunday we had three inshore races and we did not sail equally well and also had difficulties matching the speed of the two Estonian boats that were in the lead today. But overall very good training for us in the team and we have not had so much practice this year in +20 knots of wind so very useful experience before the Worlds.

We want to thank the Finnish hosts for an good regatta. We hope that we will be able to come back to BOW another year.

Photos: BOW