Then we're done with today's sailing. There were two planned – but it was only one completed due to weak winds. We were out on the sea for four hours waiting for wind before the start procedure got underway. We timed a perfect start at the top of the starting boat at full speed in the boat and the nearest boat in the lee far away – cannon!

It was a tricky cross of about 2 m/s with large wind shifts of 30 degrees. We did well and rounded the cross mark like second boat, about 20 meters behind leading Lenco. After a little trouble with the spinnak allowance, we were lying down towards the county mark. It felt like an eternity when the wind fluctuated between 1.5 and 2.5 m/s. Rounded the county mark as second and then had a very good cross so we led the entire field at the crossmark. Only the last county left towards goal – we went a bit conservatively in the middle of the track and Lenco sailed out into the right corner and jibed at the far end to go straight into the finish. We met 100 meters before goal and they were a little ahead. Second in goal. The results are not up yet, but our own calculations show that Lenco won, Boxer second, Feelgood third and we in fourth place. The boat that won the second qualifying sheat was today on the wrong edge and finished quite so far down the field.

This means that Team Arken Zoo leads the entire World Cup after four days and 6 sailings – at most there are three sailings left and it is likely that there may only be two sailings left.

It will of course be very exciting with Friday's and Saturday's sailings – now we will eat some food and then sleep properly for 12-16 hours of sea race on a distance track tomorrow.

We thank you for all the cheers from home Sweden – they warm!

Written by Lasse Bergkvist at Apple MacBook Pro / Team Arken Zoo