The thoughts behind our renovations


I have had first 36.7:an SWE 88 for 10 years and enjoy the boat very well. We use it 100-150 days a year both as a summer cottage, holiday boat and coat sailors. Over the years, the boat has been gradually modified. The thoughts have always been to get the boat more fun, faster, more modern and/or more well-functioning. We have looked at how the changes affect orci metrics so as not to screw us away completely, for example we do not use (yet) a mixed wardrobe with assymetric and symmetrical spinnacles. But optimization against the rule has never been driving. The boat is originally equipped with a higher mast, longer boom & spin boom in carbon fiber. We supplemented for about 5 years it with a 200 kg heavier "bulb" on the keel designed by Farr. Around the same time we also raised the elevator heights for the spinnacles 60 cm above the first-choice attachment and increased the surfaces about 5m2. The boat has also been given a pointer. Originally about 80 cm long considering flying a Code sail halfway out onto the touch and a county gene naker on sock along out. This was done only with crusing for the purpose. However, we thought the boat was a bit too slow to work well on flanges with gennakers. We also thought it worked very well with spinnaker on the goit but it was a bit rough in ports with an 80 cm long fixed pector. So we cut it off in half and now it's only used for Reachers/code sails and as a gangway. We can also put a sprain ladder along the front of the touch.

Project of the Year

This year we will switch to a new rudder, designed by Farr, improve on the keel finish, with laser-cut templates (Thx David) and rebuild the stern. The change of rudder is driven above all by getting one that is a bit more balanced and thus less heavy to control with.

The actifer part of the cockpit is rebuilt to:

  • Get a better place for the big shoetar
  • Be able to switch to aft tag with winches
  • Get better access to the installations in the stern
  • Center weight towards the center of the boat
  • Give the boat a more modern – and in my opinion nicer/racigare look

By default, the boat has two benches at the back of the cockpit. Since the big shoetar works behind the rorsman, these make it crowded. Especially in pre-start when even the tactician goes at the back.

Here's what the boat looks like in standard:


When the benches are cut away, it looks like this, in the middle of work:


It will be a large even colander behind the big-cut beam.

Originally we had a stern system with blocks & talja. 48 times exchanged, 6*2*2*2. Work load at the maximum aft is 1.6 tons, so with the friction you inevitably get with blocks and talja with so much gearing it became very heavy at the end. The relatively high work load is due, among other things, to the fact that we have a fairly mute carbon fiber tower with the first-frame fastening quite high up. We switched to hydraulics with double command mha tampar. It worked fine but we found that a system with a little gearratio & waving would still be faster. Jesper Ott's choice fell on 4 times the exchange & 40 waving from Harken. The blocks for the gear out will be dropped in a rod at the back of the transom, see below:

Aft tag mount

At the same time, Plastic Damage & Montage, which makes the work up the actier part of the boat with stringers all the way back to the transom. These join the boat bottom, canvas and aft mirror in a box that connects to the more honorable original strains. Previously we had a flex of 8mm at max aft. We're not going to have that now.

At the same time, we advance the permanently installed dehumidifier from the aft space to below the sink. To do this, we switch the condensate dehumidifier to a "regular" dehumidifier that makes water that can accumulate in a changeor or be led into the keel wine. We also take the opportunity to change the 15 year old heater & clean up all other installations before the lid is put on. Tymar Marinelektronik makes the electrical pieces. Access to the installations is secured by two flushed Lewma hatches in the new tableg.

On the sides, gaps are made for what you have to have "easy accessible" from the cockpit.

Side hatches m storage

The entire cockpit keg (Old & New Part) will be provided with a bright goes 1.6mm TBS carpet. Now there is a couple of weeks of work left before everything is ready. Building images and pictures of the end result come out on the blog. Of course, you are welcome to come and look this spring.