Speed training outside Sandhamn this weekend

Team Pro4u has during the weekend run speed training on the sea off Sandhamn. There have been varying winds and weather from 10 to 25 knots with more stable conditions today compared to yesterday.

The training goes to so that we run three minutes of logging in Expedition and all trim parameters noted and then we test different hypotheses on the same shoulder with hopefully similar wind with, for example, some change in trim or to run faster / slower compared to the target speed and then we compare VMG % to see what was better or worse, in this way we can partly verify what we already believe / know but also find things to update and improve in our trim tables. The weekend has given us a lot of valuable lessons and trim improvements and our more active and harder rig trim this season we believe is an improvement.

Then we also took the opportunity today to run a maneuver pass up / down in almost 20 knops wind and sea lake that was very instructive especially for our new when things get much more difficult when everything swings all the time – good exercise!