Last week was an intense week for us. On Wednesday night, we drove in the crew maneuvers. 

On Thursday morning the boat was lifted up on land at Sune Carlsson's Boat shipyard. There we were a bunch of the crew who washed the bottom, putty and ground small injuries, polished and waxed freetables. On Friday, the bottom was painted and later in the afternoon launched.

Saturday and Sunday were spent out at sea off Sandhamn. On Saturday was the theme FART! We tested a variety of tuning to use Expedition and Strip charts to try to understand which trims are most optimal in the different conditions. We also brought Tore Lewander with us to get another knowledgeable person who could help lead the discussion and tests forward

Sunday was spent with KSSS Offshore Clinic out at sea. There we focused on boat handling, maneuvers out at sea. Various "offshore moments" such as flying sail changes, steep nests with spinnaker and deep nests with fock. More detailed description of Sunday will come later