Team Pro4u is looking for a regular crew member

Do you want to be part of Sweden's best ocean sailing team at amateur level this season and develop and become a better sailor? Team Pro4u is looking for a new regular crew person and depending on background/experience different roles may be relevant although trim is most relevant but also foredeck or mast may be possible positions for the right person. You need to have a passionate interest in sailing, racing experience and have a learning attitude i.e. a willingness to constantly develop and improve.

Age and gender do not matter, the most important thing is the attitude, that you can spend a lot of time on sailing, that you are prestigious, relatively fit physically, responsible and that you are willing to take a long-term view.

During the season April-August we normally train on Wednesday evenings in Saltsjöbaden and during the weekends there are often (but not always) trainings or races and as a regular you are expected to be present on most occasions (preferably all). During the winter season we also have activities/boat fix/theory sessions etc so even then you are expected to attend as a regular member.

We can offer to sail on a competitive boat (First 36.7 modified) with good material with an experienced team and if you want to develop as a sea sailor and get better, it is probably one of Sweden's best boats / projects to be part of. We also have fun together and you have the chance to see new cities in Europe where the championships are held.

If you are interested, please contact immediately either Patrik Forsgren at / 076-769 8588 or Anders Björk at anders.bjork7(at) / 070-549 2989.