Fifth at the Masters today

During the weekend we competed in the Masters champion as "Sea Racing" and we finally managed to finish fifth among 40 boats of Swedish Championship winners and national team sailors. Really fun sailing it has been even though we had hoped for more wind than the light wind we had today.

Results here:

The day started with our last two all right races in the first round and two third places. Our results in the basic round were 5, 1, 2, 3 and 3. Then came the semi-final when we sailed really well and came 2nd. Finally in the final with tough competition we came 5th.

We thank the Sailing Association for a very good event and that we had the opportunity to participate!

Master of Champions on day one

After the first day of MM we are in 7th place after three races and we are quite OK when it comes to being in the top 16 after the basic round. Tomorrow is the first our last race in the first round and then hopefully the semifinals.

In today's first race there was light wind and we came on the wrong edge and came after immediately and had to fight us in the finish in 5th place. In the second race the wind had increased and we got to a really good race with a nail far ahead of the rest. Finally in the third race a perfectly ok sailing with a really good last county and a second place.

Let's gear up for tomorrow!

Champions of champions this weekend!

This weekend we will compete in the Champion of the Masters in Marstrand because we managed to win the Swedish Championship in Sea Racing 2019 and got a place on MM also this year as "last year's champion". The competition format is similar to Allsvenskan and you compete with J/70 boats.

There is information about the competition (live broadcast, etc.) and on Facebook

Last year when the wind was really windy and we ran on five people in the crew, it went really well for us in "Sea Racing" and we came second in the competition of just over 40 teams. This year the forecast looks right now as there will be lighter winds this weekend.

During this weekend's MM there are actually 7 out of 8 people from the regular "Malin" team who are competing in four different boats plus Magnus from the J/70 crew is also on a 5th boat:

  • Sea racing: Zacharias, Björken, Sven and Patrik
  • Express: Peter
  • Neptune Cruiser: Thomas
  • SWE Sailing Team Dahlberg/Bergström: Hugo
  • 2-krona: Magnus

In total, 8 people from Team Pro4u are on and running on five different boats this weekend and we wish all these five gangs extra good luck!

Win in KSSS Indian Heat Regatta today!

Today the KSSS Indian Heat Regatta ended on Baggen with the last two races and there were two more nails for us. In total there was victory in the SRS class. The conditions for racing today were just like yesterday very good with a little more wind and partly sunny. We did two good sailings today and in especially the first sailing of the day we really found the right way on the track. There were still stable maneuvers and nice speed in the boat and the starts have generally been good all weekend!

Our series in the 6 races over the weekend was: (4), 1, 1, 1, 1 and 1 total 5 points after an excluded sailing. Second was Farr 40 Stormtrooper with 13 points and third came Farr 40 Joint Venture with 18 points.

The results can be found here:

We thank KSSS and this is a bit of our "favorite competition" and we are very happy that we were able to win the competition for the fourth year in a row! Very good courses as well as nice and knowledgeable competition management. We will be happy to come again next year!

Indian Heat – lead after day one

Today we finally got to sail again at the KSSS Indian Heat Regatta and we had fantastic conditions on baggen with sun and 7 to 12 knots wind, as usual very disgusting. We have sailed well and after today's 4 races we are in the lead with the series (4), 1, 1 and 1 with a total score of 3 after an excluded sailing. In our first race we ended up completely wrong on the first cross and were far behind but managed to sail us up on the second lap to a final fourth place. Then we had three good races with good speed, stable maneuvers and good route where we managed with three nails.

Results from day 1:

Tomorrow we hope for equally good conditions and as good tracks as today and two races are planned.

J70 in Hellerup Sejlklub

Last weekend 12-13 September we were in Hellerup, Denmark and sailed Grunndig cup in j70 where we came in 3:dje place. With fresh fromland winds, nice sailing days and a corona-adapted arrangement, we thank Hellerup Sejlklub and congratulate 1an and 2an for good sailing.

The weekend to come is the KSSS Indian Heat Regatta in Saltsjöbaden where we will participate with Malin.

Back after the summer!

Although it has been a very special spring and summer with a lot of cancellations, we are up and running with both boats. We have had the last sailing session with the KSSS Offshore Clinic gang and now await some theory sessions in the autumn.

Wednesdays we run training with the regular gang at Malin. We have partly put together a new gang and changed position on someone which feels very promising! More information about it will come later.

With the J70in, all activities are also underway with a lot of sailing on the ram and then some races elsewhere in the Stockholm area.

Sandhamn Open DH win

During the weekend we participated in the Sandhamn Open which this year was arranged as a double handed race. At first it was very light wind, twisty and rain. After a few hours of sailing, conditions improved with a gradually increasing wind and the rain subsided.

The course was laid starting outside Sandhamn, county down to Dämban, then a cross to Huvudskärs väderboj and then it was continued to cross down to Koppar stenar. At 05.35 on Saturday morning we rounded the West Dot of copper stones and then have a long spinnakerrepa back to Revenge and finish at Skanskobb.

The result of this race was a win for us.

Other results can be found here.

Several pictures from Sandhamn Open 2020 can be found here!


Last week was an intense week for us. On Wednesday night, we drove in the crew maneuvers. 

On Thursday morning the boat was lifted up on land at Sune Carlsson's Boat shipyard. There we were a bunch of the crew who washed the bottom, putty and ground small injuries, polished and waxed freetables. On Friday, the bottom was painted and later in the afternoon launched.

Saturday and Sunday were spent out at sea off Sandhamn. On Saturday was the theme FART! We tested a variety of tuning to use Expedition and Strip charts to try to understand which trims are most optimal in the different conditions. We also brought Tore Lewander with us to get another knowledgeable person who could help lead the discussion and tests forward

Sunday was spent with KSSS Offshore Clinic out at sea. There we focused on boat handling, maneuvers out at sea. Various "offshore moments" such as flying sail changes, steep nests with spinnaker and deep nests with fock. More detailed description of Sunday will come later

KSSS Offshore Clinic 2020

We at Team Pro4u are working with KSSS to arrange an offshore clinic. Yesterday we drove the 6th sailing pass out on the ram where we focused on maneuvers when sailing with genoa.

On Sunday we will run a full day out at sea off Sandhamn to be able to practice hand grips and maneuvers under more offshore conditions.


At the end of the session we also ran a "letterbox takedown" of the spinnaker