Gotland Runt start tomorrow

Gotland Runt starts tomorrow and the forecasts contain a lot of wind so it looks like a pretty fast and wet race. We start in the ORCi B class at 12:20 and KSSS has a broadcast from the start. Please follow us during the race and on the KSSS Gotland Runt page you can read more about how to follow us.

Team Pro4u third in Baltic Offshore Week today

Today the Baltic Offshore Week and Estonian and Finnish Offshore Sailing Championship in Helsinki ended with three inshore races in very windy conditions with +20 knots of wind and sunshine. We finished overall in third place in Class B. Overall, during the 5 races during BOW we have had the series 2, 1.4, 3, (4) and 4 with a total of 10.4 after one race was discarded (and offshore race had weight 1.4). We congratulate Katarina 2 to first place and Sugar to second place, both from Estonia!

Results from this years BOW are here: Results

Due to lack of wind first day this years regatta was reduced to two days. On Saturday with light winds we sailed one inshore race where we came second and then we had a longer offshore race for approximately 6 hours where we won. Yesterday we were very pleased overall with our sailing. Today Sunday we had three inshore races and we did not sail equally well and also had difficulties matching the speed of the two Estonian boats that were in the lead today. But overall very good training for us in the team and we have not had so much practice this year in +20 knots of wind so very useful experience before the Worlds.

We want to thank the Finnish hosts for a good regatta. We hope that we will be able to come back to BOW another year.

Photos: BOW

Wins in Sandhamn Open during the weekend!

During the national day weekend we have raced Sandhamn Open. This year it was divided into two separate races, on Saturday four track races and then starting in the middle of Sunday a longer sea race of 121 nm which for our part took just over 20 hours with a finish after 8 am this morning. The weekend has offered brilliant fine weather with light winds with beautiful moon and nature - sailing propaganda!

We did very well and on Saturday we won the course race in the ORCi class with the series (1), 1, 1 and 1 with a total of 3 and only spikes! Today when the ocean race ended we also won it, both in our ORCi class and overall. In the total list of 26 starting boats at the ocean race we won by about 20 minutes on corrected time.

All results via links can be found here on the KSSS page: Results

Throughout the weekend we have sailed stable and good with very good tactics, maneuvers and speed in the boat and made few mistakes. We are very happy with our weekend and this has been very good preparation for us for the World Championships later this year.

We also thank KSSS for organizing the Sandhamn Open and everything has worked very well with courses, information and everything around the races!

The next race for us will now be the Baltic Offshore Race (BOW), which this year takes place in Helsinki in two weeks, which is also the Finnish and Estonian Championships. It will be our third year in a row we participate in this and it usually becomes a good race with qualified opposition, especially from the Estonian boats that are among the best in our class.

Pictures from KSSS, sailors at SO and from Team Pro4u.

Victory in the Seapax Viggan Open!

Today we raced the Seapax Viggan Open on Trälhavet. The weather today was again brilliantly fine but very variable light winds. There were 4 races with 14 participating boats. We managed after good sailing to win the series 1, 2, (4), 1 with a total of 4 points in the ORC class. Close behind on the same points and with very small time differences was the Farr 40 Stormtrooper.

The results are available here:

We are very grateful to the race management for Viggan Open for arranging this nice race for us and especially today with all the wind shifts it is really well done to get 4 whole races!

This weekend we sailed with our regular crew this season and it has gone really well and we look forward with confidence to the rest of the season, next is Sandhamn Open national day weekend.

Second at Lidingö Runt

We came second in total today of about 110 registered boats at Lidingö Runt. We also came second in our class and we were also the second boat to finish. Congratulations to Grynet who took home the victory both in total and in our class!

Results here:

Today's race was challenging with shifting and light winds with lots of sail changes. It was good training for us! Although there are a lot of things we can improve, we often found the wind that was there and took us around Lidingö in a good way. Tomorrow there will be track sailing at Viggan Open!

Racing at the weekend!

This weekend we start racing with Malin and Team Pro4u will participate in Lidingö Runt on Saturday and then Viggan Open on Sunday. As always, it will be fun to get started for real and these are important training races for us.

During the pre-season we have trained a lot and as usual made some improvements and trained new people in the team. We have also had very good help from Joca Signorini as a coach on some sessions. We have both run some on the Baggen and also been out in Sandhamn and run some sea sessions. We will have two good additions this season and Linnea Floser will join in a trim role and then Roger Nilson will return as a strategist / navigator during at least Gotland Runt and the World Cup - welcome to both!

This year's big goal for us is, as usual, the international ORC championship and in August the World Cup in Kiel and there are already more than 70 boats registered for our class C and well over 100 boats in total. In addition to that, we also run Sandhamn Open, we go to Helsinki for Baltic Offshore Week and Gotland Runt.

Now things are starting to happen

Some weeks ago we were at North on Lidingö and went through sails and now some new sails and a case for the extralats are starting to appear

How neat is this? All variants of racing battens, clearly labelled in a customised case!! Now it's just out on the water and start sailing

Boat Show 2023!

Now that the sailing season is approaching, it also means that the boat shows are approaching. During Allt för sjön on 9-12 and 16-19 March we will be at the fair showing off our J/70 and hanging out so do come by and have a chat!! 🙂

Heat, sails, reportage, felix, diemer

Team Pro4u is looking for a regular crew member

Do you want to be part of Sweden's best ocean sailing team at amateur level this season and develop and become a better sailor? Team Pro4u is looking for a new regular crew person and depending on background/experience different roles may be relevant although trim is most relevant but also foredeck or mast may be possible positions for the right person. You need to have a passionate interest in sailing, racing experience and have a learning attitude i.e. a willingness to constantly develop and improve.

Age and gender do not matter, the most important thing is the attitude, that you can spend a lot of time on sailing, that you are prestigious, relatively fit physically, responsible and that you are willing to take a long-term view.

During the season April-August we normally train on Wednesday evenings in Saltsjöbaden and during the weekends there are often (but not always) trainings or races and as a regular you are expected to be present on most occasions (preferably all). During the winter season we also have activities/boat fix/theory sessions etc so even then you are expected to attend as a regular member.

We can offer to sail on a competitive boat (First 36.7 modified) with good material with an experienced team and if you want to develop as a sea sailor and get better, it is probably one of Sweden's best boats / projects to be part of. We also have fun together and you have the chance to see new cities in Europe where the championships are held.

If you are interested, please contact immediately either Patrik Forsgren at / 076-769 8588 or Anders Björk at anders.bjork7(at) / 070-549 2989.

Team Pro4u sums up the season

We are summing up the 2022 season and it has been a really good season for us! In terms of results, we have succeeded beyond expectations and won 4 out of 5 races with Malin and at the open European Championships we won bronze. This shows this year again stable sailing with a high level of skill. This year's highlights in Sea Sailing with Malin:

  • Bronze at the European Championships in the open class
  • Amateur European Champion (for the tenth time in a row at the European and World Championships)
  • Swedish champions for the fourth time
  • World Championship Gold ORC Double Handed
  • Finnish and Estonian champions
  • Patrik Forsgren and Team Pro4u received the "Male Sailor of the Year" award

Summary of championship results in ocean sailing in the last 10 years in one sentence: 9 medals at the World Championships including two European Championship golds, 10 consecutive amateur golds at the World Championships, four Swedish Championship golds, three other national golds and a total of 10 medals at national championships.

We have also had fun in the team with a good mix of younger and older people and we have visited Hanken and Tallinn.

The team that runs J/70 in parallel came 3rd at the SM and became Danish J/70 champions.

See our summary for 2022 below (as a video or to download).

Next season our big goal is the World Championships in Kiel and we also run ORC SM, BOW in Helsinki and of course Gotland Runt etc. The parts of the team that ride J/70 also continue their efforts with e.g. SM and EM. Our goal regarding ocean sailing full crew remains to win World Championship gold in the open class and we will try again in Kiel this summer!

We thank everyone who trained and raced with us, all competitors and organizers, our club KSSS all partners and especially our main sponsor Pro4u, Thank you also to everyone who follows us and hope you will join us in the future also on our journey towards new goals!

Finally, we all wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!