Apply for the KSSS Offshore Clinic in cooperation with Team Pro4u before 31 January

Do you want a top class training in ocean sailing or know someone who is looking for it? Then the KSSS Offshore Clinic in cooperation with Team Pro4u is the way to go. The training is open to sailors between 16 and 30 years old who want to take the next step in their sailing career. The KSSS Offshore Clinic is run in cooperation with Team Pro4u, which has racked up top placings in ORCi in recent years, both in Sweden and internationally.

The training starts in March 2023 and ends in October and includes theory sessions mixed with sailing sessions, including a full day at sea off Sandhamn in the spring. In total, this means 50 hours of sailing and 17.5 hours of theory.

Read more application here:

Pro4u's 25th anniversary celebrations

Yesterday, our main sponsor Pro4u hosted a dinner and entertainment followed by dancing in the Golden Hall of City Hall to celebrate the company's 25th anniversary. We had some current and former sailors with and from Team Pro4u on hand for the celebrations.

Team Pro4u's S2 that we have sailed so many times suspended in the City Hall

On behalf of the sailing team, we thank you for a fantastic evening with a delicious dinner and great entertainment including Abba the Show!

Prize table with a selection of prizes and awards

Many thanks to Pro4u for inviting us sailors to this celebration. Finally, we are very grateful to Pro4u who has been a long-term partner and our main sponsor for 8 years since 2014. We hope our partnership can continue to be as successful in the future!

The Golden Hall with the Queen of Lake Mälaren on the wall before all guests have arrived for dinner

Victory in the Danish Open Championships in J/70

After two days of nice wind and tight races we can now claim the title of winners of the Open Danish Championships in J/70.

There were several finishes where we both gained and lost positions right at the finish line and our gennaker broke in race 3 on Saturday. Luckily we made it to the 5th and final race on Saturday. In total there were 8 races over two days and we got 22 points with the series 2, 2, 3, (36 DNS), 5, 5, 1, 4

Many thanks to Kas, Kjøbenhavns Amatør-Sejlklub for once again a great arrangement and thanks to all the other crews for a fun and exciting weekend

Bronze in Open Class at J/70 SM

During Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have sailed the Open Swedish Championships in J/70 on Mysingen outside Nynäshamn. Friday was sunny with medium winds from the east which meant relatively flat water and big differences in wind direction and strength. We started the day with a 25th place but then found the speed with a spike and a 9th place.

On Saturday there was too little wind for a race to take place.

Sunday brought northerly winds of 10-15 m/s and big waves. Something we like. 3 races were completed and we felt we were going faster and faster during the day. Fantastic conditions with speeds up to 20 knots on the islands. In terms of results we got 3, 4, 1 which was enough for a bronze in the open class and a silver among the Swedish boats.

We would like to congratulate the winners Intermezzo and Åland's Alandia sailing team who took home the silver medal and thank the organizers Nynäshamns seglarsällskap for a nicely arranged SM!

Corinthian gold and Open bronze in European Championship today!

Today the European Championship in offshore sailing was completed in Norway. During the last 6th race day we sailed one final inshore race and overall we have sailed 8 races during the Championship. The conditions and weather continued to be fantastic with sunshine and light to average winds around 10-15 knots during the day.

We ended up taking gold in the class C Corinthian (amateur) division and this was our 10th Corinthian victory in a row since 2012 in Worlds and Europeans (no championship 2020). Furthermore, we took bronze in the Open division among the around 30 participating class C boats.

Results in the Open division is here: Open results

Results in the Corinthian division is here: Corinthian results

The race today was challenging and we suspected Matilda 4 would try to disturb us to secure the silver and given they have the faster/larger boat is would be difficult for us to maneuver away from that. Exactly that happened and Matilda 4 destroyed our wind the entire race and we ended up far down in the list for todays race due to this. We had a similar experience 2018 when we were fighting for the gold in the Worlds in the Hague and it is no fun but sort of expected and part of the sailing game.

So to summarize our series during the 8 races were: 1, 4, 1, 6, 5, 3, 1 and (17) with a total of 21 points after one discard. We managed to get 3 race wins and only the gold medal boat and we managed to get that. We also won both of the offshore races (long and short) and if the scoring would have been different (more weight for longer offshore races) then the podium might have looked different to our advantage.

In any case being on the podium in the Open division and winning the Corinthian division was our goal for the Europeans and we are very happy achieving this!

We also congratulate Estonian Katarina 2 for winning the gold in the Open division and Estonian Matilda 4 for taking the silver. We also congratulate Estonian Shadow for silver in the Corinthian division and Lithuanian Arabela for Corinthian bronze.

When we summarize this European Championship we have had a great time here in Hankö, Norway and during the race week the weather has been really good (not equally good the training week before). We thank the organizing club KNS, ORC and all competitors for yet again a great championship and we have really enjoyed the beautiful surroundings here at Hankö!

See more about the EC in Norway here.

We will of course be back next year for the World Championship in Kiel, Germany!

First place in the Europeans short offshore race today!

Today on day 5 of the European Championship in offshore sailing we sailed the short offshore race, a 43 nm course outside Hankö, Norway. Conditions was yet again great with lighter wind after postponing the start two hours. We sailed the course in around 7 hours. We managed to win and this was our third race win in the Europeans. We sailed really well today with great speed, maneuvers, tactics and strategy.

- Our start and first beat was nor great but then we found the right way on the course and noticed changes quickly and had great boat speed with a dedicated and focused team that did everything to go as fast as possible, say Peter Thorwid tactician.

After today's win in the seventh race we have the series: 1, 4, 1, (6), 5, 3 and 1 with a total of 15 after one discard. Overall, after today we are in second place and have secured a medal overall but the tomorrow it will be decided if we get a silver or bronze. We congratulate Estonian Katarina 2 who won class C having 10 points after today and then Estonian Matilda 4 (with 17 points after today) will also be on the podium.

Results in the open division is here: Open results

In the Corinthian division it is already clear that we won the gold medal. Results in the Corinhian division is here: Corinthian results

Tomorrow is the final day of the Europeans and plan is to sail one inshore race. We will try to do our best to fight for the silver medal but competition will be hard but in any case we will end at the podium in in an all European competition plus winning the Corinthian (amateur) division.

European Championship day 4

Today day four of European Championship in offshore sailing was completed in Norway. We sailed another two inshore races in great conditions, wind between 15-20 knots with sunshine so real sailing propaganda! Overall today we have sailed relatively well and managed to get a 5th and 3rd place in the two races. The competition mainly from the two Estonian boats Katarina 2 and Matilda 4 however is really tough and even when you sail relatively well it is not enough to beat them in conditions as today.

After today we have sailed 6 races out of 8 and we have the series 1, 4, 1, (6), 5 and 3 with a total of 14 after one discard. In the lead is Katarina 2 with 8 points and Matilda 4 with 11 points.

Results are here.

We are in the lead in the Corinthian division, results here.

Tomorrow EC continues with the next to last race day with the short offshore race and this will also be very important as it cannot be discarded. We will try to do our very best to score well to try to get closer to the two Estonian boats in the lead but it will not be easy. Then on Saturday EC will be finalized with one inshore race.

Inshore races today at EC in Norway

Today European Championship in offshore sailing continued in Norway. Great conditions with average wind and nice weather. We did three inshore races today and we came places 4, 1 and 6 in the three races. In the first day we did not make a good start and had to fight to sail in free wind and suffered from that and then we came fourth. In second race today we did a good start and generally sailed very good and managed to win our second race in the regatta. In todays last race we did not sail so well and did not find the correct way and finished in 6th place.

Overall, we now have the series 1, 4, 1, 6 with a total score of 12. We are in third place overall and Estonian Katarina 2 is in the lead with Matilda 4 in second place.

Results are here.

We are of course pleased with being the only boat so far with two race wins but we are not so happy with todays 4 and 6 race scores. Tomorrow we will try to consistently produce better results.

The plan is that there will be two inshore races.

Seee all about EC here.

European Championship: We won the long offshore race!

Today we finished the long offshore race in the European Championship (EC) that is ongoing in Hankö, Norway. We sailed a course that went into the Oslo fjord and then out on Skagerak and two times to Sweden and back. The course was 144 nm and we managed to sail the course in around 24 hours coming to port this morning around 10.

We did a very good race and we managed to win the class C with a margin of 38 minutes. In second place cam Estonian Katarina 2 and in third Norwegian ibb. Generally, it was a great team win and we have great speed, good maneuvers and generally we sailed in the right places, so overall we are very pleased with our performance and how we conducted the race. It is also great that we managed to get a good score in this long offshore race as it cannot be discarded in the total count.

The results from the race is here.

- It is great to be off to a good start of the regatta and I am very pleased how the crew drove the boat fast and how well we performed. We now look forward to more race days and and some inshore races tomorrow, says Patrik Forsgren skipper.

The EC continues tomorrow with two planned inshore races and the weather forecast looks promising so we have to continue working hard. The plan overall is for 8 races and the EC continues this week and finshes on Saturday.

More about the EC can be found here.