Team Pro4u – Corinthian gold and Open bronze in the ORC World Championship!

Today the ORC World Championship was finalized in Tallinn, Estonia and the competition was completed with two inshore races today. Conditions today was more windy than we had expected and hoped for with around 18 to 22 knots during the two races.

Team Pro4u. Upper row from the left: Zacharias Krafft, Thomas Tennström, Emil Forsgren, Anders Björk, Roger Nilson, Patrik Forsgren and Sven Eriksson. Lower row from the left: Hugo Christensson and Peter Thorwid.

Going into today we of course wanted to win the gold in the Open division and it was very close between the three top boats but unfortunately we did not make that.

Our sailing today was good but maybe not as good as the in other days and we did not get perfect starts and then it is difficult to get away when there are many larger boats taking the wind. We also felt it was hard to compete with the larger boats and keeping the speed we needed in the higher wind we had today. It was also a bit unfortunate that when we did really good starts in two tries then it was general recall and we also had one race that was abandoned when we had a good position.

In the first race today we came on sixth place and then in the second race we came third. Overall our series during this World Championship during the 8 races are: 2, 1, (6), 2, 1, 1, 6 and 3 with an overall score of 16 after one discard. We congratulate the winners Estonian J112-E Matilda 4 on 13 points and in second place, also on 13 points, Estonian Italia 11.98 Sugar 3. The margin between these top three boats was only 3 points and the fourth boat was on 29 points so a big jump down.

However, we did win the Corinthian (amateur) division for the ninth European and World Championship in a row. We also congratulate the other podium boats in the Corinthian division on second place Estonian Salona 38 Credit 24 with 50 points and on third place Estonian X-35 My Car also on 50 points. All results here.

Our goal before the World Championship was to win the Corinthian division (and keep our series of wins) and get on the podium in the Open division and we managed to meet both of those goals and we are proud and happy about that! Of course now when we had the chance to win also the Open division the last day and we were so close we wanted that also but unfortunately this time we did not manage that. We just have to try yet again!

The team that has sailed in this Worlds front to back in Team Pro4u are:

  • Emil Forsgren, bow
  • Hugo Christensson, mast
  • Zacharias Krafft, keyboard
  • Anders Björk, spinnaker trim
  • Thomas Tennström, jib trim
  • Peter Thorwid, tactician
  • Roger Nilson, strategy
  • Patrik Forsgren, skipper
  • Sven Eriksson, main trim

We also want to thank the organizers of this World Championship in Tallinn and the competition has been great and the hospitality and the arrangements has been excellent! We also want to thank all partners that support us in our sailing and especially our main partner Pro4u.

See more about the World Championship here:

Photos: ORC Worlds 2021 Mauro Melandri, Felix Diemer and Janis Spurdzins.

First place in the Worlds short offshore today – chance to win gold tomorrow!

Today, on the fifth day of the ORC World Championship in Tallinn we raced in the short offshore race. Conditions were perfect with sun and 12 to 22 knots during the day. We in in class C sailed on a 38 mile course that took approximately five and a half hour to sail. The course was very good and we had both upwind and downwind and some reaching as well. Today was also the first day the large 62 boat C class was divided in a 31 boat gold fleet, where we sailed, and a 31 boat silver fleet.

We had a very good race day and we managed to win the race in the gold fleet after really good sailing during the day. Overall we were 3 minutes on corrected time before the second boat, Italia 11.98 Sugar 3. Almost everything worked well today for us, with great boat speed, all maneuvers worked perfectly and we were for the absolute most part on the right place on the course – to summarize a great race.

The win today was the third race win we had out of the total six races we sailed and the win today is also extra valuable as it is not allowed to discard any of the two offshore races.

Our series in the six races sailed until today are: 2, 1, 6, 2, 1 and 1 with a total of 13 points. Results here.

Overall we are now in second place with our 13 points with the Estonian J112-E Matilda 4 in the lead with 11 points and Estonian Italia 11.98 Sugar 3 in third place with 14 points. So it is extremely tight between the three of us and if nothing unexpected happens it is very likely these will be the three podium boats when the Worlds complete tomorrow given that there is a large gap down to the fourth boat on 29 points.

However, when analyzing the scores more in detail it becomes even more interesting as one discard of an inshore race will be allowed after the first inshore race tomorrow and anticipating that we will be in a good position if we manage to get a low score in the first race as we then can discard a 6th place, both Matilda 4 and Sugar 3 will only be able to discard a 3rd place keeping in mind that discard of the offshore races (race 1 and 6) is not allowed.

To summarize we have a chance to win the gold tomorrow in the open C class but so does both Matilda 4 and Sugar 3 and it will be very hard racing tomorrow. We will of course do everything we can to win but we also know that the competition is really hard so it is not going to be easy.

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Photos: ORC Worlds 2021 Mauro Melandri, Felix Diemer and Janis Spurdzins.

Second place in the Worlds after day four

Today we had a long day at sea and completed three inshore races in the end having waited for the wind until afternoon. Winds were light around 6 knots in the beginning but slow growing to around 12 knots later.

We have sailed well all day but the competition is very hard and when the wind is very light we have difficulties getting low scores and we go better in comparison with the other boats when we have a bit more wind.

For the three races today we scored 6, 2 and a 1 so our overall series is now after five 2, 1, 6, 2, 1 with a total of 12 points. The Estonian J-112E Matilda 4 is in the lead with 7 points and third is the Estonian Italy 11.98 Sugar 3 with the same points (12) as we have. Results here.

We now have two more days of the World Championship and tomorrow is the short offshore race that is planned to take around 10 hours. The score in this race will be very important as it is not possible to discard any of the two offshore races. From tomorrow the 62 boat fleet will also be divided into a gold and silver fleet and this means for the two remaining days we will be sailing in the gold fleet competing with the best 31 boats from the qualifying days.

The on Saturday the Worlds will be concluded with the two final inshore races. We will do all we can to try to beat the best Estonian boats but it is not easy and we have to sail at our very best.

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Photos: ORC Worlds 2021 Mauro Melandri, Felix Diemer and Janis Spurdzins.

Team Pro4u in the lead of Worlds after day three

Today the plan was to continue the ORC World Championship in Tallinn with two inshore races. Overall the wind conditions was tricky and we had to wait for the start of race one.

When the first race then started we unfortunately got off with a quite bad start but after that we sailed extremely well and managed to get back at the very top and we won the race! Apart from the start almost everything else worked perfectly with great tactics, speed and maneuvers. We are very happy with this and it was the first race victory.

Then after some more waiting with a lot of rain we got off with a great start in race two and sailed again really well but unfortunately on the second downwind when we had around 400 meters to the goal the race was cancelled, this was too bad as we think we were in the lead and had the chance to score the second race victory for the day but this is sailing and things like this can happen.

Overall, the results after two races are here. We are very happy to be in the lead with a total of 3 points after our second place in the long offshore and todays victory in the first inshore race.

Tomorrow the Worlds continues on the fourth day with two to three inshore races and we are looking forward to that and hope to continue to sail well but the competition is though and we need to stay focused and sail really well to beat the very fast Estonian boats.

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Photos: ORC Worlds 2021 Mauro Melandri and Felix Diemer.

Second place in Worlds long Offshore race

The ORC Worls Champinship has now started in Tallinn, Estonia and there are overall 104 boats from 12 countries competing in three classes. Half of the boats, 62, are racing in our class C that is the most competitive class.

The long Offshore race was around 140 nm started on Monday morning and we sailed for a total of 22.5 hours. Due to the large size of the C fleet it was divided in two heats and we managed to finish in second place in our heat. See results for the race here. The total results can be seen here

We are happy with the result and having a low score in the Offshore races will be important for the total as these races cannot be discarded in the total for the World Championship.

The race from us was far from perfect and and there are several things we could have done better but some things we also did very well.

But if gives a good feeling that in spite of not sailing a perfect race we still managed to score a second place and we are very much looking forward to the rest of the Worlds. Tomorrow the plan is to sail two inshore races and and overall 8 races are planned.

See more about the World Championship here:

Photos: ORC Worlds 2021 Mauro Melandri and Felix Diemer.

World Championship opened today

Today the ORC World Championship in offshore sailing was opened here in Tallinn Estonia. After being here for a week preparing for the race we very much look forward to start for real now. Today we did a practice race and there were no scoring from this but we sailed well and we have a very good feeling going into this championship. This evening we then joined the opening ceremony with parade, speeches and the lightning of a Olympic fire just like they did 1980 when the Olympic sailing was done in this area.

One of the speeches was done by Patrik and he had the honor to speak on behalf of all the international sailors.

Tomorrow the races will start with the long offshore race that is estimated to take around 33 hours for the slowest boats in the class. We are preparing the course for this right now and we are very much looking forward to this first race in the Worlds out of the planned 8 races.

All information about the Worlds and also results and tracking can be found here:

Second place in Pre-Worlds

Today the Pre-Worlds One Sails Cup ended and conditions today had very light winds and after some waiting only one race could be completed in around 5 knots of wind out of the planned three.

We came on 6th place in the race today and overall we finished on second place in the regatta with the series 4, 2, 2, 1.6 and (6) with a total score of 7.5 after one discard. We congratulate the winners Italia 11.98 Sugar 3. On third place was J-112E Adelante. All results here

The race today was difficult and we had extreme wind shifts in the light conditions, on the first beat we the wind changed 80 degrees so key was to find the wind and be on the right side in the shifts and did not manage to do a perfect sailing but overall we are happy with the regatta and finishing second is good and gives us a good feeling for the upcoming Worlds.

Now we will have some more training tomorrow and then a free lay day on Saturday. Then on Sunday the World Championship will be opened with a practice race.

Team Pro4u in the lead after Pre-Worlds day 1

Today the Pre-regatta before the Worlds started here in Tallinn. We had four good inshore races in light to medium winds 7 to 14 knots. In our C class there are 20 boats competing in the Pre-Worlds One Sails Cup.

We had a good day and we are in the lead after day one with the results 4, 2, 2 and 1.5 with a total score of 9.5. After us we have Sugar 3 (Italia 11.98) and Adelante (J-112E). All results are here:

We are pleased with todays racing and for every race during the day we improved our sailing so we are very much looking forward to tomorrow when there are three new inshore races planned. But the competition from all the Estonian boats are really though and we have to sail the best we can to beat them.

We would also like to thank Anna Drougge for coming a few days earlier in the week to train with us when we had one crew member waiting for negative Covid tests (that he had in the end). Anna flew in to Tallinn on short notice and joined us for training a few days and what a pro she is and we want to thank her warmly for that as it helped us to prepare in a difficult situation!

The pictures and the video below are from the offshore training we did yesterday where we had up to 25 knots of wind and we had a long downwind ride with great spinnaker training with in wind and waves.

Pre-Worlds starts tomorrow

We have had another good training day here in Tallinn and today we had good wind arond 20 knots and waves and we spent all day at sea testing sails upwind and then we had a few hours of great downwind sailing back home, all very good and useful training. This evening we then spent making the boat race ready.

Tomorrow the One Sails pre-regatta will start and the plan is to make 7 inshore races during two days. This will be a great test and many of the best boats for the Worls will race in the two next days.

Information about Pre-Worlds can be found here:

Worlds in Tallinn starts soon

First of all as to make it easier for our international friends and followers we will do updates on this page in English before and during the Worlds as we have done during international championships earlier years as well.

The 2021 ORC World Championship in Tallinn, Estonia is coming closer and we are getting ready to travel to Estonia soon. The plan is that the entire team meets in Tallinn on Saturday and then we will have a few days of practice onsite. Then we will race in the Pre-Worlds Regatta on August 4-5 (Thu-Fri next week). After that the World Championship starts on Sunday 8 August.

We sill race in Worlds Class C and as usual this is the most competive class with the most boats, at the moment there are 65 boats on the entry list. All information on the World Championship are available here:

The competition will be very though, especially from the Estonian boats but we will of course do everything we can to try to beat as many as possible. We will be competing both in the Open division and the Corinthian division and our goal is to try to win the Corinthian division (for non-professionals) for the 9th time in a row in the Europeans and Worlds we have competed in plus additionally try to get on the podium in the Open division.

Pictures from the last time we raced in a World Championship in the Hague in 2018.